Business as usual for most Churches

Now that the election is over you would think that the “Conservative Christian” and so called “Christian” churches would get back to the basic teachings of “Christianity.” But, with the “wrong” guy back in the White House and the “Right or Correct” people not in control of both houses of congress, it appears that it is business as usual.

I noted from a comment by a person, whom I assume considers himself a “Conservative Christian,” published in the Emmett, Idaho, Messenger-Index, that the idiots are still alive and well. The Bible says not to call a “brother” a fool, so I won’t do that, I will just use the term my mother used and say he is a “horses ass!”

Since the article is copywritten, I will only paraphrase what was written. The writer alludes to “President Obama and the “so called “Christians” who voted for him.” He says that they can not (his typo not mine) call themselves Christians.

He rails on about true Christians and how they have the Holy Spirit in their lives  and shouldn’t believe in murdering unborn children.

This is the same crap that the ill informed “Conservative Christian Churches” have been spouting since it became fashionable back in the early days of Falwell and the other Right Wing nitwits, who used the “church” to line their pockets and switch the focus of the “gospel message” to political activism.

The writer continues and tries to use a Bible verse, taken completely out of context, to support his distorted viewpoint. He even incorporates the use of “Hitler” to try to make his lame position sound legitimate, but to any clear thinking person, it falls short of making any sense.

In the late 1940’s a major denomination held a series of meetings to “Plan for the next 50 years.” Among their agenda items were Blue Laws (forcing business to close on Sunday), making people recognize their church as a “World Religion,” along with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Also included in the agenda, since their belief in “pre-existent spirits being “reborn” on this planet, where they would work out their salvation and become “gods” over their own planets, was anti-abortion.

The number one thing they tried was the “STOP! Don’t Shop On Sunday” campaign, complete with bumper stickers that were distributed to all the “Christian” churches. The thinking was, “if we can get them on board, we should be able to make it happen.”  I remember as a child, hearing the railing on about the evils of “doing business on the Lord’s Day” and how it was a sin to “go against the Bible.” Thankfully, the church I was taken to by my parents was not impressed with the legalism and sin consciousness that many of the other Protestant churches were under the burden of. I was taught, “The Holy Spirit lives within you and will guide you right if you will just follow His lead.”

Needless to say, the Blue Law/Don’t shop on Sunday, movement fell flat.

Later, in the 1970’s there was a move, by this particular organization/church to become recognized as a major world religion. This fell flat as well. Although they have a world wide organization, thousands of “missionaries” in the field and control of much of America’s business and Government, they couldn’t pull of the scam.

After that debacle, they switched and began using “Christian” terms and started to make themselves appear “more Christian.” “After all, we have the name of “Jesus Christ” in the name of our church.”

Around the same time as they were trying to become recognized as a “Major World Religion” they also introduced their “Anti-Pornography” and “Anti-Abortion” campaigns.

Do not misunderstand me, I do not agree with or promote either of these issues, but I do understand why the “Christian” community is so rabid on the subject and part of the reason is the fact that this organization worked behind the scenes to get the “Christian” churches to move in that direction.

One thing they understood was, “we cannot let people know our church is behind this. Since it is mainly a Catholic issue, we need to find a way to move things along and make the Protestant’s think it is their idea. Then, if it fails, our hands are clean and if it succeeds, we have accomplished our goal.

Using such notables as Billy Graham (an unwitting participant) and some of the newbie Christian television ministries, they were able to move the anti-issue agendas ahead.

I remember going to a meeting in my home town where the churches came together to “sweep pornography” out of town. All the churches sent representatives and I was chosen to be one of the spokesmen for our particular church. All the groups were there and our “we have the name of Jesus Christ” group was sitting in the back. During the debate, each group had their say, except the group at the rear, who just sat and listened.

It was decided that there would be pickets set up in front of the pornographic movie theater and novelty shop. Each day they would be there to jeer anyone entering. All the while the group at the rear sat smiling.

I raised my hand and asked, “Do we really want to do this? Is it really a cancer in our society to have a bookstore selling videos and books of this nature? A resounding “YES” rose from the crowd, even the back row people spoke up at this question.

My next question was, “Are we going to focus on this one enterprise or are we really intent on driving this “evil” from our midst completely?”

“COMPLETELY!!!”  was the resounding outcry.

“Well,” I said, “around the corner from this particular movie theater/novelty shop is a bookstore that has the 3 initials of the “We have Jesus Christ in the name of our Church,” Church that is run by a Bishop of that church and directly across the street from that store is another book store which has the Bishop’s name above the door. If you have ever been in that store, you will have noted that at the rear is a curtain, which covers a “special section” containing porn books and videos. I feel if we are truly serious about “sweeping pornography” out of our city, we need to picket both locations.”

A general murmur of agreement rolled across the room, but from the rear seats rose one of the to date “silent” members of the audience. “I think we should take baby steps and not try to eat the whole elephant. I feel we should start with one location and take care of that problem before we take on any other problems.” The debate raged on with the group from the rear becoming very vocal and assertive.

Needless to say, only one business was targeted by the “Sweepers” and it stayed in business for some time after. The Bishop’s bookstore was never picketed and continued to sell their wares as usual.

As a side note, when I went to work the next morning, two of my co-workers, who were members of the “Jesus Christ in our church name” group, came up to me and said, “Why are you attacking our church? A Bishop owns those book stores and you have no right interfering with his business trade.” I just looked at them and said, “can I borrow some of the videos you purchased from the Bishop’s store?”  They looked at each other and said, “We don’t loan books or videos” and walked away.

All that to say, the Conservative Christian churches, or at least many of them, are being led down the garden path by the group that follows the same entity that led Eve astray.

Wake up people, Quit using the Bible to try to “prove” your point, when your point is pointless.

There is evil and there is wrong, but wasting precious time, that could be used sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, spinning your wheels in the mud and slinging mud in counterproductive.

It is sad that even many of the “Bible teaching” churches veer off track and get caught up in the “This was a Christian Nation mentality.” They forget that the main character in the Bible is “God?”  And, I don’t see where the God of the Bible is worried about Real Estate or countries, He is concerned with souls.

Time and time again I have asked, “Who is the main character in the Bible?” The majority of “Christians” never seem to say that God is the main character. So much time is being spent on “sin consciousness, Christian Nation, politics and other social topics and “feel good” that the real Gospel Message is being washed out by religion.

Another question I often ask is, “What is religion?” There are so many answers to this, I could not even begin to list them. I usually follow up with “What was the first “religious” act in the Bible? I have yet to get anyone to answer this correctly.

Religion is man’s attempt to reach God, to please God, to make himself presentable to God. Man’s first religious act is found in Genesis 3:7. “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.’ Man’s first act was to try to fool God and cover his sin.

What did God do? It wasn’t His problem, He went walking in the garden in the cool of the day.

Every since Adam man has been trying to make it right with God and every since Adam man has failed. The only ones who have been able to do it are those who “live by faith.” Abraham was found faithful without any keeping of laws, he believed.

Habakkuk 2:4 “See, he is puffed up; his desires are not upright-” (pretty well sums up the Conservative Christian attitude) “but the righteous will live by his faith.”

I don’t find much “righteousness” in churches today.

I do find “Business as Usual,”


I Don’t Belong to the “Club”

After nearly ten years of attending a church plant that we had helped get going. We decided that the 70 mile drive was taking a toll on us. A new building was in place, the congregation was growing and the community was being served. We felt released and soon found another new church plant closer to our home.

I have come to the conclusion that you should never start attending a new church in a Presidential election year. Why the Presidential election is such a hot topic for sermons and coffee time conversation is beyond my understanding.

I believe, as citizens, we need to be concerned and involved in what is taking place with our government, but I can find nowhere in the Bible that there is a directive to bring that into the church.

I realize that the “moral majority” movement of a few years ago made it fashionable to carry your Bible to political functions and bring your campaign posters to church, but as I said, I don’t find that anywhere in the Bible.

I recently had a very “Conservative Christian” friend say, “I hate Obama more than I have ever hated anybody in my life.” A fine “Christian” attitude and I didn’t even know that he knew Obama. I figured he must know him, otherwise, how could he “hate” him so much. Such a fine “Christian” attitude. I don’t find the command to hate your governmental leaders in the Bible either. In fact, I find just the opposite.

This attitude and the fact that I did not belong in the same “class” as the other members of the church I have been attending led me to resign my membership. It was a painful realization that everyone in the church, except me, made over a quarter million dollars a year and did not depend on Medicare or Social Security.

I, on the other hand, receive Social Security payments and use Medicare to keep my weary body going. I paid in my entire work life, in fact I paid in more than my share, but because I quit a job 6 months before a cut off, I only get the minimum payment. I am thankful for the forward thinking individuals who many years ago considered that people like me could use the help. I am, on the other hand, disgusted with the people who “dipped” into the fund to support invasions in other countries and who are now trying to make up for it by cutting the chance of some poor slob in the future of getting any help.

Sorry for the rabbit trail, I was talking about quitting my church. As I said, I am middle class and have had to work all my life. Raising children, paying bills and keeping body and soul together, allowed me to own my own home and live comfortably, thanks to the help from Social Security and Medicare. I came to the realization that I must have been the only one in the church that did not make a six figure income and began to feel very uncomfortable.

Each week the “sermon” contained a cry of woe that “Obama is going to raise our taxes.” “We need to “reform” Medicare” and “Social security needs to be given to Wall Street.”

All the research I did on these topics only showed me that the taxes of the people making over $250,000 would remain as they are now, under the plan implemented by the President elected by the Moral Majority, Conservative Christians, and the guy who let his Vice President and advisors put us in a war that has taken thousands of American lives and left thousands more maimed for life.

It is hard to sit and concentrate on God when everyone around you “hates” everything and everybody.

I am going to stay home, at least until the election is over.

I will go vote and I won’t vote for the man who “worships the god of this earth.”