Voter Fraud?

I just heard of a Conservative Christian pastor who took a recovering alcoholic, who said he wasn’t going to vote, to the voter registration place and made him register as a Republican. I think the Pastor even told him to put the Pastor’s address down. If that is the case and the guy really isn’t going to vote, will the Pastor file an absentee ballot for the guy and forge the signature?

I think it is time to pull the reigns on the churches that, from the pulpit, campaign for politicians. I realize that churches make money catering to the rich fat cats, but the 47% shouldn’t be made to pay for it. By that I don’t mean pay money, they pay by having to sit and be intimidated from the pulpit and hear reruns of the garbage the PACS run on TV.

I wish I had enough money, like the high rollers in the churches, that I didn’t have to care about Social Security or Medicare. 

I also feel sorry for the ignorant who will vote Republican, because their church told them to, and then find out that the “voucher system” they will wind up with allows the insurance companies to raise rates, like they already do, and call “pre-existing condition or makes them wait for treatment, hoping they will either die or give up.

I realize that the Mormons, of which Romney is one, worship the “god of this earth,” but I can’t understand the so called “Conservative Christians” supporting a candidate who says he worships the god of this earth, when the Bible says the god of this earth is Satan.

P.T. Barnum said it best!


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