Binders Full of Women

I was talking to my “Conservative Christian” friend and he, much to my surprise, said, “I wonder if Romney kept the binders and how many of the women he married in the Temple?

You could have knocked me over with a prayer cloth…. I didn’t even realize this guy, who said he would bow his head when they prayed to the “god of this earth when Romney was elected,” even knew that Mormons still practiced polygamy, albeit under the guise of “sealing for time and eternity.”

He even admitted that Romney was a “Mexican American.”

I don’t know what they are teaching at his church, but even the Mormons don’t publicize their ‘ordinances.’

At first I thought that Romney must have asked the Relief Society at his local ward for lists of available women, but now it appears there must be some other group of women that want to be included when the Mormon men divide up the left over women and haul them off to spend eternity popping out babies to become “spirits” to populate their “husband’s” planet, when he becomes a “god.”

Suffice it to say, most “Conservative Christians,” in fact most “Christians” don’t have a clue. There has become too much emphasis on “feel good religion” and not enough focus on God’s Grace and the Holy Spirit in many of today’s churches. People had become weary of “sin consciousness” and the “filthy sinner shtick” and when the “Conservative Christian” proponents popped up with the focus on Mega Churches and small groups, they lost out on the Bible based teaching that builds a personal relationship with God. Even many of the “Bible teaching” groups that were formed in the 60’s have included “politics” and political statements in the teaching.

Oh well, my conservative friends, who will make a boat load of money from overseas investments and their oil company holdings, will vote for Romney and “praise the lord (small letter “l” because their “lord”  has Ben Franklin’s picture on it) when their taxes are cut and will use the profits to buy up the houses that the poorer “conservatives” lost when they couldn’t afford to feed their families, pay their house payments and pay the “reduced” taxes that never seemed to appear.

Warning: Conservative Christian Women, do not use birth control because in doing so you are causing some poor spirit on the planet Kolob to lose out on a chance to be born and work out his salvation here as a Mormon.