I Don’t Belong to the “Club”

After nearly ten years of attending a church plant that we had helped get going. We decided that the 70 mile drive was taking a toll on us. A new building was in place, the congregation was growing and the community was being served. We felt released and soon found another new church plant closer to our home.

I have come to the conclusion that you should never start attending a new church in a Presidential election year. Why the Presidential election is such a hot topic for sermons and coffee time conversation is beyond my understanding.

I believe, as citizens, we need to be concerned and involved in what is taking place with our government, but I can find nowhere in the Bible that there is a directive to bring that into the church.

I realize that the “moral majority” movement of a few years ago made it fashionable to carry your Bible to political functions and bring your campaign posters to church, but as I said, I don’t find that anywhere in the Bible.

I recently had a very “Conservative Christian” friend say, “I hate Obama more than I have ever hated anybody in my life.” A fine “Christian” attitude and I didn’t even know that he knew Obama. I figured he must know him, otherwise, how could he “hate” him so much. Such a fine “Christian” attitude. I don’t find the command to hate your governmental leaders in the Bible either. In fact, I find just the opposite.

This attitude and the fact that I did not belong in the same “class” as the other members of the church I have been attending led me to resign my membership. It was a painful realization that everyone in the church, except me, made over a quarter million dollars a year and did not depend on Medicare or Social Security.

I, on the other hand, receive Social Security payments and use Medicare to keep my weary body going. I paid in my entire work life, in fact I paid in more than my share, but because I quit a job 6 months before a cut off, I only get the minimum payment. I am thankful for the forward thinking individuals who many years ago considered that people like me could use the help. I am, on the other hand, disgusted with the people who “dipped” into the fund to support invasions in other countries and who are now trying to make up for it by cutting the chance of some poor slob in the future of getting any help.

Sorry for the rabbit trail, I was talking about quitting my church. As I said, I am middle class and have had to work all my life. Raising children, paying bills and keeping body and soul together, allowed me to own my own home and live comfortably, thanks to the help from Social Security and Medicare. I came to the realization that I must have been the only one in the church that did not make a six figure income and began to feel very uncomfortable.

Each week the “sermon” contained a cry of woe that “Obama is going to raise our taxes.” “We need to “reform” Medicare” and “Social security needs to be given to Wall Street.”

All the research I did on these topics only showed me that the taxes of the people making over $250,000 would remain as they are now, under the plan implemented by the President elected by the Moral Majority, Conservative Christians, and the guy who let his Vice President and advisors put us in a war that has taken thousands of American lives and left thousands more maimed for life.

It is hard to sit and concentrate on God when everyone around you “hates” everything and everybody.

I am going to stay home, at least until the election is over.

I will go vote and I won’t vote for the man who “worships the god of this earth.”


One thought on “I Don’t Belong to the “Club”

  1. Elizabeth Ann Galligan says:

    I agree that politics should be done in the town squure, not the churches. I am a practing Catholi c
    who belongs to Citzens for the Separation of Church and State. My religious beliefs are one of the guarnteed sacred freedoms we have in the good old US of A. I applaud the actions of the writer who speaks his mind and follows his convictions. We do not have the “freedom” to impose our values on others. We may gently try to persude them – and live with their right to believe, too.

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