What would Jesus do?

As my wife and I traveled, working in churches in Central America, Mexico and the USA, we would often hear the well worn phrase, “What would Jesus do?” Signs, bracelets, bumber stickers all displaying the question.

We often asked, “Just what would Jesus do?” and we came up with the answer, “Probably what he did in John 2:12-16,” he got mad!

Who did Jesus dispute with? The political leaders? The Government? The Roman soldiers? The poor? The sick? none of these. Jesus disputed with those who made a mockery of religion, or rather the “super righteous.”

I think that may be where some today get the term, “Christian right,” which has nothing what so ever to do with “Christianity” or “righteousness.” It has to do with capitalism, money and power.

Jesus spent his time working with the poor, the less fortunate, the “least of these” and when he did confront the Capitalists of the day, the Pharisees, he called it like it was.

Somehow, probably because of “Christian television, Christian broadcasters/publishers and brainwashed Pastors and leaders, the masses have been led down a dark path.

In one church we visited, during the announcment period, there was a report on what Rush Limbaugh had said, a report of what Dr. Dobson had said, both about the upcoming Presidential election. The speaker went on for several minutes telling how the country would be in ruin and churches would be forced to close their doors if the Democratic cantidate was elected. It has been several years since and during the term of the Democratic President, the national budget was balanced, the middle class gained ground and the church doors remained open.

The other thing that the announcments contained was a plea for someone to bring the red paint to throw on people at the clinic that was giving out birth control to the poor women and “might be doing abortions.” What would Jesus do? I know for sure he wouldn’t be throwing any paint.

Today things are no better. We are coming up on another Presidential election and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taking a back seat to harranging about the current President, medical care for the elderly, paying taxes and a myriad of other topics that have no place in the worship service. Nationalism seems to be the focus in many churches. Cries of “This used to be a Christian nation” ring loud from every corner.

The United States was not set up as a Christian Nation. In fact, many of the colonies were funded by Jews. New Amsterdam was owned by a Jewish group in Holland. When a group of exiled Jews were deposited there and started a settlement within the community, the “elite” wrote to the New Amsterdam company and asked that “these Jews be removed.” What would Jesus do?

There were Christian groups that established colonies, The Puritans, there was a real loving, caring bunch if there ever was one. Witch hunting, finger pointing, killing those who were suspect,  Wow! Now that is really Christian. And don’t forget those wonderful “Christian” slave holders, Wow!

The difference between Capitalism and Christianity seems to have become blurred. The focus now seems to be on the rich and the poor that Jesus served seem to be falling further and further behind socially, economically and spiritually. “Feed my sheep” seems to have been forgotten.

I recently read a blog by Jodeane Albright, the Community Editor at the Idaho State Journal, in Pocatello, Idaho. She hit the nail on the head when she spoke wrote on Socialism/Capitalism. Her description of Capatilist opression seems to me to be very much like the Conservative Christian approach to the “less wealthy” members in many churches. The really bad thing and the thing that I can’t understand is that people who are obviously “less privilaged,” who many times depend on Government aide or Church welfare programs, parrot the fat cats who make 6 plus figure incomes and wouldn’t let them eat the crumbs from under their table… things are totally out of whack!   You can read Jodeane’s blog at: http://pocatelloshops.com/new_blogs/albright/?p=2067107113#comment-14

What would Jesus do? He would be about His Father’s business and not preaching Nationalism. He would pay his taxes, “Render unto Ceaser that which is Ceasars,” he would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and wouldn’t be wasting precious time parroting some fat cat that he watched on “Christian” television or Fox News.

What should we do? We should be about our Father’s business.


One thought on “What would Jesus do?

  1. english teacher says:

    Thank you for saying that this country was not set up as a Christian nation. Out country was set up by people who were raised in a culture where Christianity was dominant but in which there were also minority religions. The Founders were tremendously influenced by the Enlightenment, which had a much greater impact on the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence and out Constitution than a specific Christian theology,

    One other thing that makes me crazy about this misguided idea of the U.S. having been founded as a Christian nation is, which type of Christian are we talking about? The Puritans? The Catholics? The Quakers who were persecuted by the Puritans? The Baptists? If you study that period, there was no consensus about who a “Christian” was. The antecedents of the narrow-mindedness of today’s Christians have a historical basis in the colonies. The story of Anne Hutchinson illustrates this rigid, narrow-minded focus on the “right” kind of Christianity. Let us hope that the current flow of rigidly narrow “Christian” right-mindedness ends soon, to be replaced by a more open and loving religiosity that truly reflects Jesus’s teachings.

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