2016 The Movie

I cannot, for the life of me, understand the thinking of some “Conservative Right Wing Christians.” The Gospel goes out the window when politics comes in the door.

Now, all I hear from my conservative Christian ?friends? is, “Are you going to see 2016?

“What is 2016?” I ask.

“I don’t know for sure, but I think it is about what will happen if Obama is re-elected.”

“Where did you hear about it?”

“Oh, the Pastor said that we are not going to have Bible study because it is showing at the Holy Roller Church of Jesus Christ Down On The Corner and it is a ‘must see’ for any good Christian.”

Well, heathen that I am, I am not going because I don’t think I could stomach being with that many ‘good Christians’ for that long.

When did it become necessary to attend a political function to become a ‘good Christian’ anyway?

Any time religion becomes the political force in any society, the society has gone down hill. In case you doubt that, what caused the Dark Ages and what happened to end them?

I was interested in the views of the Conservative Christian community when the attack on our diplomatic mission happened and candidate Romney made his statement about the response from the diplomatic corps in Egypt not being strong and forcefull. I only shudder to think what would have happened if he had been in office. It would make the war and invasions started by George III, after 9-11 seem like a child’s birthday party.

The world does not understand Islam and most  Conservative Christians don’t even know what Islam believes. They buy the Islamic apologists line that it is a religion of peace and some are even as ignorant as my Nazarene Headquarters person who told me that Islam is “just another branch of Christendom.”

I would recommend getting the book, Islam, Religion of Peace, Islam’s War Against The World, by Gregory M. Davis and the companion DVD, Islam, What The West Needs To Know. Or you can visit the website, http://www.whatthewestneedstoknow.com

Many of the Conservative Christians, Mormons and other supporters of Romney,I have spoken to, feel that a hard line response should have been taken. “Why didn’t ‘we’ (I guess that means the United States) blow the hell out of them?”  (Now there is a real “Christian” attitude)

Islam, unlike any other World Religion, is a political system with religious overtones. It is first a system whose goal is World Domination. The Islamic view of world peace is that everyone is a Muslim. If everyone is under the Sharia (Islamic) law, the world will be at peace, but as long as there are infidels, anyone who is not Muslim, there is no peace.

Jesus taught to “turn the other cheek.” Islam teaches “wage war against the infidel whenever possible.” This is the reason we see thousands of uneducated, unemployed, violent youth taking to the streets and burning national flags and destroying property. Like rabid dogs, spurred on by clerics who gain status and satisfaction in controlling the masses, they protest with no real knowledge, other than what they have been  led to believe was a slight against their Prophet. A self proclaimed prophet who abrogated the scripture he wrote whenever something he thought of later contradicted what he had already said, or that he claimed Allah had said.

Oh yes, that statement is a slight as well. In fact, any infidel who asks a question about Islam has a death sentence on his head. Anyone, Islamic believer or not, who has a copy of the Koran in any language other than Arabic may find themselves the target of some Islamic cleric’s wrath and face death.

It is interesting to note, The Koran is written in 7th century Arabic. There are very few Muslims who can read 7th century Arabic and the majority of Muslims are not Arabic. But it is believed that it must be read in Arabic to be properly understood and must be recited in Arabic. It is my thinking that the problems of today stem from the fact that, as I have read, Mohammed asked for a copy of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures in his own, Arabic, language and it was refused. If only the “church” had allowed translations of the scriptures to be made, we might have a totally different world today.

Islam divides the world into two camps, The House of Peace (Islam) and The House of War (everything outside of Islam). We live in the House of War and Islam’s goal is to “Destroy the House of War!”

While this problem has risen and receded over the past 1,400 years, it is now on the rise again and while it grows, Conservative Christians worry about the taxes the rich may have to pay and, like Mitt Romney, can’t be concerned about the 47% of Americans who make up the middle class.

2016 will come and go just like Y2K, the Millerite fiasco, the Mormon Prophet’s prediction of the end, every other “sure prediction” and people will not be any smarter. They will still put politics before the Gospel of Jesus Christ and instead of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, they will go about creating a lot of heat and very little light.

We are supposed to be the light of the world.

Proverbs 4:18 The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.

Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible

Ye are the light of the world – That is, the instruments which God chooses to make use of to illuminate the minds of men; as he uses the sun (to which probably he pointed) to enlighten the world. Light of the world, נר עולם ner olam, was a title applied to the most eminent rabbins. Christ transfers the title from these, and gives it to his own disciples, who, by the doctrines that he taught them, were to be the means of diffusing the light of life throughout the universe.

Politics has no place in the church.

Check out Jodeane Albright’s blog in the Idaho State Journal:  http://pocatelloshops.com/new_blogs/albright/?p=2067107567#comment-17


I Don’t Belong to the “Club”

After nearly ten years of attending a church plant that we had helped get going. We decided that the 70 mile drive was taking a toll on us. A new building was in place, the congregation was growing and the community was being served. We felt released and soon found another new church plant closer to our home.

I have come to the conclusion that you should never start attending a new church in a Presidential election year. Why the Presidential election is such a hot topic for sermons and coffee time conversation is beyond my understanding.

I believe, as citizens, we need to be concerned and involved in what is taking place with our government, but I can find nowhere in the Bible that there is a directive to bring that into the church.

I realize that the “moral majority” movement of a few years ago made it fashionable to carry your Bible to political functions and bring your campaign posters to church, but as I said, I don’t find that anywhere in the Bible.

I recently had a very “Conservative Christian” friend say, “I hate Obama more than I have ever hated anybody in my life.” A fine “Christian” attitude and I didn’t even know that he knew Obama. I figured he must know him, otherwise, how could he “hate” him so much. Such a fine “Christian” attitude. I don’t find the command to hate your governmental leaders in the Bible either. In fact, I find just the opposite.

This attitude and the fact that I did not belong in the same “class” as the other members of the church I have been attending led me to resign my membership. It was a painful realization that everyone in the church, except me, made over a quarter million dollars a year and did not depend on Medicare or Social Security.

I, on the other hand, receive Social Security payments and use Medicare to keep my weary body going. I paid in my entire work life, in fact I paid in more than my share, but because I quit a job 6 months before a cut off, I only get the minimum payment. I am thankful for the forward thinking individuals who many years ago considered that people like me could use the help. I am, on the other hand, disgusted with the people who “dipped” into the fund to support invasions in other countries and who are now trying to make up for it by cutting the chance of some poor slob in the future of getting any help.

Sorry for the rabbit trail, I was talking about quitting my church. As I said, I am middle class and have had to work all my life. Raising children, paying bills and keeping body and soul together, allowed me to own my own home and live comfortably, thanks to the help from Social Security and Medicare. I came to the realization that I must have been the only one in the church that did not make a six figure income and began to feel very uncomfortable.

Each week the “sermon” contained a cry of woe that “Obama is going to raise our taxes.” “We need to “reform” Medicare” and “Social security needs to be given to Wall Street.”

All the research I did on these topics only showed me that the taxes of the people making over $250,000 would remain as they are now, under the plan implemented by the President elected by the Moral Majority, Conservative Christians, and the guy who let his Vice President and advisors put us in a war that has taken thousands of American lives and left thousands more maimed for life.

It is hard to sit and concentrate on God when everyone around you “hates” everything and everybody.

I am going to stay home, at least until the election is over.

I will go vote and I won’t vote for the man who “worships the god of this earth.”

What would Jesus do?

As my wife and I traveled, working in churches in Central America, Mexico and the USA, we would often hear the well worn phrase, “What would Jesus do?” Signs, bracelets, bumber stickers all displaying the question.

We often asked, “Just what would Jesus do?” and we came up with the answer, “Probably what he did in John 2:12-16,” he got mad!

Who did Jesus dispute with? The political leaders? The Government? The Roman soldiers? The poor? The sick? none of these. Jesus disputed with those who made a mockery of religion, or rather the “super righteous.”

I think that may be where some today get the term, “Christian right,” which has nothing what so ever to do with “Christianity” or “righteousness.” It has to do with capitalism, money and power.

Jesus spent his time working with the poor, the less fortunate, the “least of these” and when he did confront the Capitalists of the day, the Pharisees, he called it like it was.

Somehow, probably because of “Christian television, Christian broadcasters/publishers and brainwashed Pastors and leaders, the masses have been led down a dark path.

In one church we visited, during the announcment period, there was a report on what Rush Limbaugh had said, a report of what Dr. Dobson had said, both about the upcoming Presidential election. The speaker went on for several minutes telling how the country would be in ruin and churches would be forced to close their doors if the Democratic cantidate was elected. It has been several years since and during the term of the Democratic President, the national budget was balanced, the middle class gained ground and the church doors remained open.

The other thing that the announcments contained was a plea for someone to bring the red paint to throw on people at the clinic that was giving out birth control to the poor women and “might be doing abortions.” What would Jesus do? I know for sure he wouldn’t be throwing any paint.

Today things are no better. We are coming up on another Presidential election and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taking a back seat to harranging about the current President, medical care for the elderly, paying taxes and a myriad of other topics that have no place in the worship service. Nationalism seems to be the focus in many churches. Cries of “This used to be a Christian nation” ring loud from every corner.

The United States was not set up as a Christian Nation. In fact, many of the colonies were funded by Jews. New Amsterdam was owned by a Jewish group in Holland. When a group of exiled Jews were deposited there and started a settlement within the community, the “elite” wrote to the New Amsterdam company and asked that “these Jews be removed.” What would Jesus do?

There were Christian groups that established colonies, The Puritans, there was a real loving, caring bunch if there ever was one. Witch hunting, finger pointing, killing those who were suspect,  Wow! Now that is really Christian. And don’t forget those wonderful “Christian” slave holders, Wow!

The difference between Capitalism and Christianity seems to have become blurred. The focus now seems to be on the rich and the poor that Jesus served seem to be falling further and further behind socially, economically and spiritually. “Feed my sheep” seems to have been forgotten.

I recently read a blog by Jodeane Albright, the Community Editor at the Idaho State Journal, in Pocatello, Idaho. She hit the nail on the head when she spoke wrote on Socialism/Capitalism. Her description of Capatilist opression seems to me to be very much like the Conservative Christian approach to the “less wealthy” members in many churches. The really bad thing and the thing that I can’t understand is that people who are obviously “less privilaged,” who many times depend on Government aide or Church welfare programs, parrot the fat cats who make 6 plus figure incomes and wouldn’t let them eat the crumbs from under their table… things are totally out of whack!   You can read Jodeane’s blog at: http://pocatelloshops.com/new_blogs/albright/?p=2067107113#comment-14

What would Jesus do? He would be about His Father’s business and not preaching Nationalism. He would pay his taxes, “Render unto Ceaser that which is Ceasars,” he would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and wouldn’t be wasting precious time parroting some fat cat that he watched on “Christian” television or Fox News.

What should we do? We should be about our Father’s business.