Please consider the following before you cast your “Christian: vote

Please consider the following before you cast your “Christian” vote for Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney has started inviting the news media to go to church with him so they can see that he is a “normal Christian.”

1Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Mormons are not”Christian” in any sense.

2Christians claim their salvation through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

3Mormons claim their salvation (progression to becoming a ‘god’) through works done through their church.

4Mormons are Polytheists (the belief in more than one god). Each Mormon man is considered a “god in embryo” and is working on becoming a god over his own planet.

5Mormons claim to “worship the god of this earth.” Joseph Smith, the first Mormon Prophet, taught “Adam is our Father and our God and the only God with whom we have to do.”

6The Bible identifies the “god of this earth” as Satan. If the Mormon Church is right, Adam is Satan and therefore must have tempted Eve himself.

7Mitt Romney’s paternal grandparents denounced their American citizenship and moved to Mexico.

8Mitt’s father was not picked by his party to run for President because he was not born an American citizen and yet Mitt, only mentioning it in passing, must be embarrassed that he is “Mexican/American.”

9According to Mitt’s church, Mormon men must have multiple wives to obtain the status of a god.

10To get around the law of the United States, Mormon men marry their plural wives in a Mormon Temple ceremony.

11Will Mitt Romney’s plural wives be considered”First Ladies?” He must have some or he wouldn’t have climbed as high in his church as he has. If he doesn’t, he can’t be god over his own world in the afterlife, someone else will take his wife to the highest heaven and he will be delegated to a lower level of heaven…

12It is said, in the Washington DC, Mormon Temple, there is an exact replica of the Oval Office. Could this be used if Romney becomes President? Would he address the nation from there?

13Joseph Smith said “The US Constitution is hanging by a thread.” The Mormon Church believes the “Elders of Israel” will step in, when the US Government fails and rule with their Priesthood.

14If you ask your Mormon neighbor or friend about these things, they will say, “I have never heard that.” They are either extremely ignorant or are lying. Mormons are allowed to lie if the end justifies the means. They will lie about that as well, so buy some of their books and find out.

15Mormons believe in a god that progressed from a man to godhood. He is forever changing, according to Mormon teaching.

16The Book of Mormon says “If you believe in a god that changes, you do not believe in a god of miracles.” I think that speaks for itself and leaves the Mormons with a real problem. The Book of Mormon also says Jesus was born in Jerusalem, the Bible says Bethlehem. The Book of Mormon says the lost tribes came to America and were proficient in steel production, in the Americas, in 588 BC… There is no anthropological evidence to support this statement!

17Mitt’s church teaches that angels are beings that have once lived on the earth. Adam, according to Mormon teaching (who their Prophet said was God) is the angel Gabriel. The angel Michael, according to Mormon teachings, was Moses. The Bible teaches that the angels were “never” humans.

18Jesus told the thief on the cross, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” The Mormon church teaches after you die, if you are not a Mormon, you go to a thousand year spirit prison where you are taught Mormonism and given a chance to accept the teachings of the church. Did Jesus go to spirit prison? If not, the thief went to paradise which the church teaches is a place where righteous spirits go after death. They also say that since the repentant thief hadn’t done his “church work,” he couldn’t go to paradise…???? I guess Jesus didn’t know what he was talking about, at least that is what the Mormon’s seem to be saying.

19Mitt’s church teaches that a woman cannot enter heaven unless she is “sealed” (married to a Mormon man in an authorized temple service). The Bible teaches there is neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek… And says nothing about exclusion from heaven based on sex.

Ask your Mormon friend, “To progress to Godhood, do you have to have plural wives? If not, how do you account for the fact that those exhalted to Godhood have multiple wives? Can you honestly tell me that a man can become a God and not be sealed to more than one woman? Are you telling me that the Church changed the “Word of Heavenly Father” and the order of progression that all before have gone through to get exhaltation?” You might add, “Come on now, we are friends, don’t lie to me, be honest.” 

20Mormons question the Bible, according to the eighth article of faith. “We believe the Bible in so far as it is correctly translated, we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of god.” They question the Bible, but do not have any question about the Book of Mormon. Any place Mormon theology or writings contradict the Bible, the Bible is counted as being wrong.

21It is also strange that no major tenet or teaching of the Mormon church is found in the Book of Mormon, a book Brigham Young called, “the most perfect book ever written.” He also said, “Everything necessary to obtain salvation is couched in its pages.” Eternal progression is not found there, baptism for the dead is not found there, temple work is not found there, the belief that god was once a man who worked his way up to being god over this planet is not there and multiple gods is not there. The Mormons base all these teaching on incorrect understanding and twisting of scripture from the Bible, the very book they question.

22Mormons, like Muslims, abrogate their scriptures. The later “word from god” overrides the former “word of god.” In other words, if the current Mormon prophet “receives” a “revelation” from their god that contradicts a former revelation their god has given, the latest revelation is right and what their god said before doesn’t count anymore.

23Mormons teach that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers, born on a planet called Kolob, to the god of this earth and one of his numerous wives (Eve, according to Joseph Smith). They also teach that we were all born on Kolob and got to choose which family we would be born into when we came to this earth for our time to “work out our salvation.” The Bible strongly contradicts that theology and says Jesus and the Father are one and Lucifer was a fallen angel. The Bible teaches that God is Spirit, not an”exalted man.”

24The Mormon “Sacred Grove Encounter” of which there have been numerous versions, says that god appeared to Joseph Smith and told him “all the churches are wrong.” The very first statement of Mormonism was an attack on Christianity. The attack continues today. An angel was supposed to have appeared to Joseph Smith and presented him with some golden plates that contained the Book of Mormon and a “new gospel.” In Galatians 1:89, Paul wrote, 8“But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. 9As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.

25- The Bible teaches that Jesus did not marry. Mormonism teaches that Jesus married several women, including Mary Magdalene at the wedding in Canaan, which was, according to their teachings, his wedding.

Do not get me wrong, Mormons are wonderful people. They are very sincere, but they are sincerely wrong. I have told my Mormon friends, “If Mormonism is true and can stand up under questioning and investigation, I want to be a Mormon.  If it cannot stand up to investigation and is not true, do you want to be a Mormon?”  Everytime they have told me, “I want to be a Mormon even if it is a lie.”

Mitt Romney’s church does not teach the”Good News,” “Gospel” that Paul preached. Mitt Romney’s mission, for his church, was spent spreading “another gospel, another holy spirit, and another god.

Please think about these things when you decide who you will cast your vote for in November.

Again and again I hear Christians bemoaning the fact that we are “no longer a Christian nation.” Is voting for a man who preaches another gospel, another holy spirit, another god, who believes Jesus Christ was the brother of the devil, going to make it a Christian nation again?

If Mitt Romney is elected, will you bow your head when the prayer is said to the “

god of this earth?”